In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, cooking is likely one of the most necessary issues to find out about. Not solely does cooked meals restore your well being, however you may as well make quite a lot of meals and elixirs that present buffs and bonuses to help you in your journey by way of Hyrule.


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Learn how to Cook dinner in Tears of the Kingdom

Cooking is a straightforward course of. When you might have discovered a cooking pot, both out within the wild or by deploying a Zonai Transportable Pot, simply comply with these steps:

Open your stock, choose an ingredient, and select to carry it.

Add extra elements, as much as a complete of 5.

Exit the stock and use your elements on the cooking pot.

You may create each food and drinks by way of cooking. Meals-based meals are created utilizing meat, greens, fruits, and different edible crops. Meals will restore your well being, and supply a helpful buff if ready with the proper elements. If you happen to simply desire a buff, then you possibly can create an elixir drink utilizing monster components, bugs, and critters.

Buff Varieties

There are a number of totally different buff sorts in Tears of the Kingdom. In case your meal or elixir comprises one in all these phrases, they’ll present the related impact.


Hearty – grants momentary bonus hearts

– grants momentary bonus hearts Enduring – grants momentary bonus stamina

– grants momentary bonus stamina Energizing – restores stamina

– restores stamina Sunny – repairs damaged hearts

– repairs damaged hearts Mighty – will increase assault

– will increase assault Robust – will increase protection

– will increase protection Hasty – will increase motion velocity

– will increase motion velocity Sneaky – will increase stealth

– will increase stealth Sticky – will increase grip

– will increase grip Chilly – will increase warmth resistance

– will increase warmth resistance Spicy – will increase chilly resistance

– will increase chilly resistance Fireproof – will increase fireplace resistance

– will increase fireplace resistance Electro – will increase shock resistance

– will increase shock resistance Warding – will increase gloom resistance

– will increase gloom resistance Vivid – causes a glow impact

To inform if an ingredient will present a sure high quality, simply take a look at its identify. Many will embrace the related buff title (i.e. Hearty Truffle) or is synonymous with the standard (i.e. Spicy Pepper).

Learn how to Stability the Finest Components

Cooking is a science, and also you’ll wish to combine the correct elements to create your required final result. Whereas usually you possibly can simply throw issues right into a pot and get a useful dish, it’s best to comply with these tricks to get the perfect outcomes.

Don’t combine buff elements. They may cancel one another out and supply no buff in any respect.

Don’t combine meals and elixir elements. This may create gross meals that’s just about nugatory.

Add extra buff elements to extend the buff. As an illustration, 5 Spicy Peppers cooked collectively will present an extended period of chilly resistance than simply two or three.

Add extra fundamental meat, fruit, or greens to get better extra well being. This may imply much less area within the pot for buff elements, although, so steadiness in accordance with your wants.


Elixirs present higher buffs than meals, however can’t replenish well being. If you happen to simply want the buff, then 4 elements in an elixir is more practical than 4 in a meal.

The Finest Recipes – Meals

These are the perfect meal recipes we have discovered to this point. They’re all made from a mix of meats, fruits, greens, and different seasonings discovered round Hyrule. Most will replish your well being, and plenty of will present helpful buffs.

Recipes you might have already created shall be saved in your Cookbook. To remind your self of beforehand found recipes, simply head to the Meals tab in your stock and faucet X.

Finest Well being Restoration Recipes

Hearty Mushroom Skewer

Impact: recovers all hearts and supplies one momentary coronary heart

recovers all hearts and supplies one momentary coronary heart Ingredient wanted: Hearty Truffle

Hearty Truffle Ingredient location: Hearty Truffles are present in caves throughout Hyrule Subject and West Necluda. One can reliably be present in japanese Central Hyrule, in a shallow cave beneath a fortress to the east of Passeri Greenbelt.


Only one truffle is required to make this improbable meal. You may sometimes discover a Large Hearty Truffle, which is able to present an additional 4 momentary hearts. Different helpful full restoration elements embrace Hearty Radish (strive looking out the Sokkala Sky Archipelago in Akkala Sky) and the uncommon Hearty Salmon (discover some within the waters beneath the Flight Vary in Herba’s Dronoc’s Cross).

Various: For fast well being restoration with out the necessity for uncommon elements, prepare dinner 5 of any flower or herb to create Fried Wild Greens which restore 10 hearts. You may also prepare dinner up a mixture of uncooked meat, mushrooms, and fish for the same well being enhance.

Finest Stamina Recipes

Enduring Fried Wild Greens

Impact: Recovers 4 hearts, totally recovers stamina, and supplies 1/third bonus stamina wheel

Recovers 4 hearts, totally recovers stamina, and supplies 1/third bonus stamina wheel Ingredient wanted: Endura Carrot

Endura Carrot Ingredient location: One Endura Carrot could be reliably present in Central Hyrule, beneath the cherry blossom tree to the north of Yamijo Shrine. A gaggle of three additionally sprout on the plateau to the east of the Horse God Bridge within the south of Faron.

Only one Endura Carrot is required to make this stamina-boosting meal. At all times prepare dinner Endura Carrots separately, as two cooked collectively present much less profit than two cooked individually.

Various: Since Endura Carrots are uncommon, use the extra available Stamella Mushrooms (generally present in West Necluda and Lanayru Nice Spring) for a better to make however much less efficient stamina enhance. Cook dinner them on their very own or combine with any meat for an Energizing skewer.


Finest Glow Recipe

Vivid Mushroom Skewers

Impact: Makes Hyperlink glow at the hours of darkness, recovers hearts

Makes Hyperlink glow at the hours of darkness, recovers hearts Ingredient wanted: Brightcap

Brightcap Ingredient location: Present in caves round Hyrule. Attempt the Hebra Mountains, Central Hyrule, West Necluda, or East Necluda.

Every Brightcap will restore one coronary heart and supply two minutes of glow, so prepare dinner extra mushrooms collectively for elevated glow period.

Various: Put together a dish with Glowing Cave Fish, which may sometimes be present in caves round Central Hyrule.

Finest Damaged Coronary heart Restoration Recipe

Sunny Steamed Meat


Impact: Repairs damaged hearts, recovers hearts

Repairs damaged hearts, recovers hearts Components wanted: Sundelion, Uncooked Meat

Sundelion, Uncooked Meat Ingredient areas: Sundelion grows all throughout the fields of Central Hyrule and Eldin Canyon, in addition to on many Sky Islands. Hunt any land animal or chicken for the meat.

Every Sundelion repairs three damaged hearts, whereas every uncooked meat will heal two hearts. For full restoration of six damaged hearts, use two Sundelions and three Uncooked Meat.

Various: You may prepare dinner Sundelion by itself to create Sunny Fried Wild Greens, however this meal will solely restore damaged hearts, not heal them.

Finest Gloom Resistance Recipe

Warding Darkish Stew

Impact: Will increase Gloom Resistance, recovers hearts

Will increase Gloom Resistance, recovers hearts Components wanted: Darkish Clump, Uncooked Meat, any fish

Darkish Clump, Uncooked Meat, any fish Ingredient areas: You may commerce 10 Poes (the little blue spirits present in The Depths) for one Darkish Clump on the statue present in Robbie’s workshop at Lookout Touchdown. Hunt any land animal or chicken for the meat, and any fish will work.


This meal will replenish hearts and supplies low-level gloom safety, which is able to will let you stroll by way of gloom puddles for longer earlier than your hearts start to interrupt.

Various: If you have no fish handy, you possibly can create a less-effective Warding Meat Skewer with only a Darkish Clump and a few Uncooked Meat. Combine the clump with Hylian Rice and Rock Salt to make Darkish Rice Balls.

Finest Elevated Assault Recipe

Mighty Simmered Fruit

Impact: Will increase assault energy, recovers hearts

Will increase assault energy, recovers hearts Ingredient wanted: Mighty Bananas

Mighty Bananas Ingredient location: Alongside the southern fringe of East Necluda. Attempt Lake Floria or Eventide Island.

Cooking up a full batch of 5 Mighty Bananas will create a meal that restores 5 hearts and will increase your assault energy for simply over 4 minutes. If you happen to solely want energy for a fast battle, use much less bananas for a shorter period.

Various: Mighty Thistles could be discovered close to the Mighty Banana timber, and can be utilized to make Mighty Fried Wild Greens. This meal does enhance assault, however for a shorter period and with out the guts restoration.


Finest Elevated Protection Recipe

Robust Mushroom Skewers

Impact: Will increase protection, recovers hearts

Will increase protection, recovers hearts Ingredient wanted: Ironshroom

Ironshroom Ingredient location: East Necluda

Ironshrooms enhance your protection, however you’ll want fairly a couple of for long-term safety. Only a couple cooked collectively will present one minute and 40 seconds of elevated protection, sufficient for a small battle.

Finest Chilly Resistance Recipe

Spicy Sautéed Peppers


Impact: Will increase chilly resistance, recovers hearts

Will increase chilly resistance, recovers hearts Ingredient wanted: Spicy Peppers

Spicy Peppers Ingredient location: Nice Sky Island, Hyrule Subject, Gerudo Desert

Spicy Peppers are present in plentiful quantities, so prepare dinner them in batches of 5 to create a dish that gives 12 minutes and 30 seconds of low-level chilly resistance.

Various: Cook dinner dishes with Sunshrooms, Sizzlefin Trout, or Heat Safflina for the same impact. All three could be discovered within the Eldin Canyon.

Finest Elevated Stealth Recipe

Sneaky Mushroom Skewers

Impact: Will increase stealth, restores hearts

Will increase stealth, restores hearts Ingredient wanted: Silent Shrooms

Silent Shrooms Ingredient location: West Necluda, Akkala Highlands

Cook dinner 5 Silent Shrooms collectively and also you’ll make a health-restoring meal that will even present a complete 10 minutes of elevated stealth. Throw fewer shrooms within the pot when you solely have to sneak for a couple of minutes.


Various: Make Sneaky Fried Wild Greens utilizing Blue Nightshade, which could be present in Nice Hyrule Forest and West Necluda. 5 Blue Nightshade will make Sneaky Wild Fried Greens, which supplies 10 minutes of stealth enhance however no well being restoration.

The Finest Recipes – Elixirs

Brewing elixirs is slightly totally different to cooking meals. For a fundamental elixir you have to mix a critter with a monster half. Any monster half shall be high-quality however the critter supplies the buff, so it’s far more efficient to make use of two, three, and even 4 critters to create a long-lasting elixir.

Under are probably the most helpful elixirs we have found to this point. Our instance photographs are primarily based on a recipe of 1 critter and one Bokoblin Horn.

Finest Stamina Elixir

Hasty Elixir

Impact: Will increase motion velocity

Will increase motion velocity Components wanted: Scorching-Footed Frog, any monster half

Scorching-Footed Frog, any monster half Ingredient location: Scorching-Footed Frogs are uncommon, and often discovered close to water. Attempt the small lake in Hyrule Ridge, east of Irch Plain, or the banks of Nabi Lake in West Necluda.


Finest Slip Resistance Elixir

Sticky Elixir

Impact: Will increase slip resistance

Will increase slip resistance Components wanted: Sticky Lizard, any monster half

Sticky Lizard, any monster half Ingredient location: Sticky Lizards can generally be present in caves throughout Hyrule. Sticky Frogs may also be used, which could be discovered throughout East Necluda.

Finest Glow Elixir

Vivid Elixir

Impact: Makes Hyperlink glow at the hours of darkness

Makes Hyperlink glow at the hours of darkness Components wanted: Deep Firefly, any monster half

Deep Firefly, any monster half Ingredient location: Deep Fireflies can simply be discovered throughout The Depths.


Finest Stealth Elixir

Sneaky Elixir

Impact: Will increase stealth

Will increase stealth Components wanted: Sundown Firefly, any monster half

Sundown Firefly, any monster half Ingredient location: Look out for inexperienced glowing Sundown Fireflies throughout the night or at evening, often round timber or meadows.

Finest Chilly Resistance Elixir

Spicy Elixir

Impact: Will increase chilly resistance

Will increase chilly resistance Components wanted: Heat Darner, any monster half

Heat Darner, any monster half Ingredient location: The dragonfly-like Heat Darners could be discovered across the Akkala Highlands or Faron Grasslands.


Finest Stamina Elixir

Energizing Elixir

Impact: Restores stamina

Restores stamina Components wanted: Stressed Cricket, any monster half

Stressed Cricket, any monster half Ingredient location: Stressed Crickets could be discovered hiding in nearly any grassy space, and so are widespread in Hyrule Subject. Use your sword to chop the lengthy grass and be ready to catch any hiding crickets.

Finest Fireproof Elixir

Fireproof Elixir

Impact: Flame Guard

Flame Guard Components wanted: Fireproof lizard, any monster half

Fireproof lizard, any monster half Ingredient location: Fireproof Lizards are native to the Eldin Area and don’t transcend the borders, so that you’ll want to go looking the Canyon and Mountains areas. Beedle, the dealer at Woodland Secure, additionally sells these lizards.


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